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Japanese food


This is the best ramen restaurant in Pattaya. I was impressed to be able to eat delicious ramen in Pattaya. Furthermore, the menu has a wide variety of things other than ramen, and the curry and katsudon are also excellent. It's sure to become your favorite store! Our staff loves Zipangu so much that they moved nearby.

◆Recommended menu
Tonkotsu soy sauce ramen 199฿
◆One word memo
The staff member is fluent in Japanese and friendly.
◆Area/Jomtien Beach near Soi13


Our company unanimously agrees that if you want Yakiniku in Pattaya, this is the place. There is a wide variety of meat, and you can enjoy different parts and types. Above all, the sauce is delicious! The atmosphere of the store is traditional Japan. I was surprised by the cannabis sandwich and remembered that this is Pattaya.

◆Recommended menu
Specially selected Wagyu grilled shabu sirloin 299฿
◆One word memo
The owner seems to like football.
◆Area/Jomtien Beach near immigration


Anego is a long-established Japanese restaurant in Pattaya. You can enjoy many delicious Japanese dishes overseas, such as soba, udon, and katsudon, and the wide variety of dishes makes this an easy-to-go restaurant that you won't get tired of no matter how many times you come.

◆Recommended menu
Stir-fried clam udon 160฿
◆One word memo
Umami that pervades your hangover
◆Area/Pattaya 2nd rd