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Thai food

​◆Beef shabu

Mee Dee, where you can eat Thai-style beef shabu, is a restaurant that our staff also frequents. Shabu-shabu is a hefty portion of meat served with two types of Thai-flavored dipping sauces. Mookata and Chim Chum are also very popular restaurants. This is a restaurant that you can also use on a date.

◆Recommended menu
Premium beef shabu set ¥699
◆One word memo
Rare beef shabu in Pattaya. Please try the addictive taste once.
◆Area/3rd Near Central Pattaya rd

If you want Khao Soi in Pattaya, this is it! Khao soi is a curry soup made with coconut milk and fried egg noodles, topped with a paste of chili peppers, dried shrimp, pickled cabbage, shallots, lime juice, and meat. This is a local dish from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

◆Recommended menu/Khao Soi Gai 65฿
◆One word memo
Very satisfying cost performance and volume. I'm addicted to it
◆Area/Soi Just inside from Renki

​◆Khao Man Gai

Introducing my favorite street food. When you think of Thailand, you think of Khao Man Gai, and this shop, which opens in the evening, is a popular Khao Man Gai restaurant that only those in the know know. Gai (birds) that were prepared in large quantities are sold out quickly. Eat Khao Man Gai at a table set up in front of the store. This is Thailand

◆Recommended menu/Khao Man Gai 70฿
◆One word memo
I want you to drink the soup too. cheap! early! Alloy!

A popular local seafood restaurant by the sea. There are many Thai customers, and it is busy every day, and on Saturdays and Sundays, it is almost full. It's good to be able to sit in a seat with a view of the ocean. Seafood is cheap and delicious.

◆Recommended menu/Fried seafood and herb stir-fry 240฿
◆One word memo
Seafood is even more delicious with the open feeling of the sea!
◆Area/ Along Jomtien Beach Road