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Opening a bank account

About Thai bank accounts

​Bangkok Bank account opening fee  9,500฿

Opening a bank account is very important when living in Thailand.
This is because when QR payments and online shopping become possible, the breadth of life will be greatly improved.

However, in recent years, regulations have become stricter for foreigners to open bank accounts, and they must meet the requirements of Thai banks to open an account.

Therefore, you will need to start working on opening a bank account immediately after arriving in Thailand.

To avoid tight schedules, please contact us in advance if you wish to open a bank account.

Arriving in Thailand to opening a bank account

1) Advance reservation
Please make advance reservations on Sunset's official line.
2) Visit Sunset main store
Please visit Sunset main store in Pattaya on the day of your arrival in Thailand or the day after your arrival. At that time, please entrust your passport, driver's license, or My Number Card to us, prepare the documents, and pay the account opening fee.
3) Issuance of residence certificate
Our staff will go to the Immigration Bureau to collect your residence certificate.
There is no need to accompany you at that time.
4) Opening an account
Our staff will accompany you to Bangkok Bank to complete the account opening procedures.
Our staff will take care of your mobile banking procedures, so please install the Bangkok Bank app in advance.
(Acquisition of passbook, VISA debit cash card, and bank smartphone app)
Depending on how busy the bank is, you may have to wait from 30 minutes to an hour.


QR payment is mainstream in Thailand

Cashless payments are progressing in Thailand. QR payments have become the mainstream method of transferring money between individuals, as there are no fees charged during payments.

QR payments are available not only at large stores but also at local food stalls, and you can eat with just your mobile phone, so a bank account + QR code is very useful in Thailand.

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