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Thailand Driving license

driver's license
driver's license

Points to note when driving in Thailand

Thailand is the same as Japan, driving on the left and driving on the right. I don't feel much discomfort when driving, but I get the impression that Thai drivers drive more roughly than Japanese drivers, and they often have to change lanes at the last minute.

In addition, Thai people have a low rate of taking out voluntary car insurance, so when you are involved in an accident, there are many cases where the other party does not have voluntary insurance and only receives a small amount of compensation from compulsory automobile liability insurance, or in the worst case scenario, there is no compensation at all. It is also a feature. If you plan on driving, we recommend that you take out overseas travel insurance before your trip, just in case.

Basically, you can always turn left

The big difference between driving methods in Thailand and Japan is that you can basically always turn left even at a red light.

Also, depending on the location, you may not be able to turn left, so it is important to check the surrounding traffic conditions before driving.

There are two ways to drive a car in Thailand.

A. Obtain an international driver's license in Japan

B. Obtain a Thai license

A. Obtain an international driver's license in Japan (valid for one year)

Japan is a member of the Geneva Convention, and before traveling overseas, you can apply for an international driver's license at a driver's license center, driver's license examination center, or police station in each prefecture and obtain it on the same day. If you have an international license, you can drive a car not only in Thailand but also in about 98 countries around the world, which is very convenient.

However, international driver's licenses are valid for one year, so if you plan to stay abroad for more than a year, we recommend obtaining a local driver's license.


driver's license

ID photo


old international driving license



About international license motorcycles

In Thailand, car and motorcycle licenses are separate.

In Japan, there is a system in which a regular car license comes with a moped license (50cc), but if you have a regular license and an international license, you cannot drive a motorcycle (approximately 100cc or more) in Thailand.

If you have a motorcycle license in Japan, you can drive a motorcycle with an international driver's license.

B. Obtaining a Thai license + benefits

In addition to greatly expanding your range of activities, obtaining a local license in Thailand has several benefits as well.

Discounts available depending on tourist facilities

In fact, entrance fees for tourist attractions are often different for Thais and foreigners, and foreigners often pay higher prices.

In such cases, there are some facilities where you can enter for the same price as a Thai person if you show your driver's license. Although not all establishments offer discounts, we recommend that you give it a try.

Can also be used in ASEAN countries

A Thai driver's license allows you to drive in any country that is a member of the ASEAN Agreement, such as Laos, Malaysia, or Singapore. You can easily drive it locally when going on a business trip or trip.

There are no engine displacement regulations for motorcycle licenses.

A motorcycle license in Thailand has the advantage of allowing you to ride any motorcycle as there is no restriction on the displacement that you can drive and the restriction is lifted from the time you get it.

Furthermore, unlike Japan, in Thailand there are separate licenses for cars and motorcycles. Please note that you cannot drive a motorcycle with just a car license.

Leave it to Sunset to help you get your motorcycle license.


You can switch from Thai license to Japanese license.

If it is possible to switch from a Thai driver's license to a Japanese driver's license, apply with all the necessary documents, and it is recognized that there is no problem with driving, you will be required to take part of the driving license test (the written test, You will be exempted from the skill test and will be able to obtain a new license in Japan.

 Required documents

Valid foreign driver's license

Japanese translation of the above driver's license (JAF, issued by the Thai Embassy in Japan)

Japanese driver's license (currently and those who have received one in the past)

Copy of residence card (original) showing domicile (nationality, etc.)

Passport Presentation of entry/exit record from the time of license acquisition

 It can be confirmed that you have stayed in the country for a total of 3 months or more after obtaining your driver's license.

Documents proving your stay (for those who do not have an address in Japan)

Application photo


*If you have previously obtained a Japanese driver's license and had it revoked, you will not be able to take the test unless you have taken the revocation course within one year before taking the test and the period of disqualification has passed.


We introduced how to obtain a driver's license in Thailand.

Some companies may prohibit expatriate or locally hired Japanese employees from driving for safety reasons, so please check with the company when obtaining a license.

We have mentioned various points to be aware of when driving in Thailand, but Sunset would like our customers to know the fun and convenience of driving in Thailand.

Sunset will help you get your driver's license smartly on the same day.

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