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Visa problems that everyone has. sunset will solve your problem smartly. Please rest assured.

First of all, what is your current situation and how long do you want to stay in Thailand?
Please let our staff know your requests.

Aiming for a worry-free stay for our customers, Sunset will propose the perfect visa for you.

List of visa issuance fees

Visa List

non-immigrant visa

Depending on the purpose, Thailand visa categories include Category B work visa, Category ED student visa, and Category O retirement visa, marriage visa, worker family visa, guardian visa, and investor visa.

retirement visa

(Long stay visa, pension visa, retirement visa)

This is a visa for those who will immigrate to Thailand and spend a long stay there. Applicants must be 50 years of age or older and do not intend to work.

Required documents when applying at Thai immigration

・Certificate of no crime (obtained at each prefectural police headquarters and certified by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

・English medical certificate issued by a national or public hospital (certified by a notary public office or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

・Medical insurance card (required details: Coverage of 40,000 ฿ or more for hospital visits in Thailand, 400,000 ฿ or more for hospitalization)

・English resume is not required.

*The above documents are not required if we obtain them.

・Asset certificate

There are three ways to prove your assets.

① You will need to have a deposit balance of 800,000 baht or more in a Thai bank and proof of receipt of foreign currency remittance when applying for a new application. (Remittance sent from a Japanese bank in your name to a bank account in your name in Thailand)

There are no deposit period requirements. At the time of renewal, you must hold 800,000 baht or more for at least 3 months after obtaining a visa, hold 800,000 baht or more for 2 months or more before applying for a visa, and hold 400,000 baht or more throughout.

② Proof of receipt of public pension of 65,000 baht or more per month.

③ If the deposit balance is 800,000 baht short, it is possible if the total amount including one year's pension is 800,000 baht or more.

*If we acquire it, asset certificate is not required.

marriage visa

(Thai family visa, Thai spouse visa/Marriage visa)

This is a visa for those who have a Thai spouse.

To apply, you will need proof of having held 400,000 baht or more in your bankbook for at least 2 months, or proof of a monthly income of 40,000 baht or more for 3 months (not required if the applicant is a woman), a family photo, and a family member. Depending on the order of marriage procedures, if Japan comes first, you will need a Japanese marriage certificate and family status registry; if Thailand comes first, you will need a single certificate and a Thai marriage certificate.

There are various other conditions, so please contact us.

The advantage is that you can obtain a work permit with a marriage visa. In this case, the capital amount can be set at 1 million baht, compared to the usual 2 million baht. The salary set by Japanese workers is usually 50,000 baht or more, but it is possible to pay 40,000 baht or more, and 2 Thai workers will be hired for every 1 foreign worker.

work visa
(Business Visa)
work permit
(Work Permit)
When working in Thailand, you will need to obtain a work visa (business visa) and a work permit from the labor office.

Application conditions include capital of 2 million baht per foreign applicant, employment of 4 Thai employees, salary of 50,000 baht or more for Japanese applicants, company-related documents, tax declarations and social insurance premiums. proof of payment, etc. What you will need to bring from Japan is your graduation certificate in English.

The acquisition period for a work visa is approximately 14 days after the inspection period, and the acquisition period for a work permit is approximately 5 business days.

Student visa (Education Visa)
To obtain an ED visa, you will first need to leave Thailand once. After that, enter the country and apply. After that, it will be renewed every 90 days at immigration in Thailand. The maximum period of continuous renewal is one year. Since the military regime in 2014, regulations have become stricter on renewing language school student visas for the sole purpose of long-term stay in Thailand. For international schools and universities, it is updated every year.

In addition, if our company Sunset applies, participation in the class is voluntary.

Investment Visa
If you are under the age of 50, which is the requirement for applying for a retirement visa, there is a visa that you can qualify for by investing more than 10 million baht in Thailand. Please note that you cannot work with this visa.

Conditions include purchasing a condominium worth 10 million baht or more (proof of remittance required, second-hand properties not accepted), fixed deposit contract with a Thai bank for 3 years or more, Thai government bonds, or a combination of these.

Re-Entry Permit
Once you leave Thailand, your visa will expire even if you have a valid stay. To avoid this, you must obtain a re-entry permit before leaving Thailand.

There are two types of re-entry permits: single permits (one time entry and exit from Thailand; 1,000 baht government fee) and multiple permits (one time entry and exit from Thailand; 3,800 baht government fee). *If we acquire it, there will be a separate fee.

The validity period of the re-entry permit is based on the visa stay period. When renewing a visa, it is required every 30 days during the review period and 11 months after the review.

Re-entry permits can be obtained at immigration when obtaining a visa, or at Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Mueang Airport before leaving Thailand. (5:00-24:00)

90 days report
If you obtain a visa and stay in Thailand for more than 90 days, you are required to report your residence to immigration. If you leave Thailand, another 90 days will be counted from the date you re-enter Thailand.

Reports must be made at the immigration office in your jurisdiction of residence between 15 days before and 7 days after the 90th day.

If a violation occurs after the reporting deadline has passed, a fine will be imposed. If you declare it yourself, you can be fined 2,000 baht, and if you are caught by a police officer, you can be fined 5,000 baht.

The RECEIPT OF NOTIFICATION form for the 90-day report will be required for the next notification, so please keep it in your passport so you do not lose it.

TM30 (Foreign residence report)
TM30 requires the landlord of a residence where a foreigner is staying to notify immigration within 24 hours. If your landlord or real estate agent does not notify you, you will have to do it yourself.

Arrangements for overstay (illegal stay) in Thailand
If you leave Thailand within 40 days, you will be fined 500 baht per day. (up to 20,000 baht)

Prohibition period for entering Thailand for each overstay period (registered on blacklist)

90 days or more...1 year, 1 year or more...3 years, 3 years or more...5 years, 5 years or more...10 years

In the case of discovery during a police check on the street

Less than 1 year: 5 years, 1 year or more: 10 years

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