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Golf reservation

Thailand, the land of smiles, is called a golf paradise. Belonging to the subtropics, you can enjoy golf all year round. The best season is from November to March, when the temperature is relatively low. During the rainy season from June to October, there are many squalls that last only a short period of time, and it rarely rains all day long.
In addition, at golf courses in Thailand, each player is assigned a personal caddy, so you can feel like a tournament pro.
It is customary to tip the caddy. It would be a good idea to give an additional play fee of 500฿ to 1,000฿.


At SUN SET, we can arrange taxis in conjunction with golf reservations. It is possible to elegantly travel to and from the golf course from where you are staying.

Easy reservation for golf + taxi
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Golf courses near Pattaya

Golf course details

This is a new golf course that opened in 2008. It is so complete that some say it is the best golf course in the Pattaya area. The view of the golf course and Pattaya coast stretching out below from the clubhouse is outstanding. Like the Old Course, this golf course also hosts international tournaments and attracts attention from all over the world. The Plantation course, which has a beautiful appearance but has a very tough face, has an impact that will remain in the memory of golfers who have played the round, for better or worse.It is a course for advanced players that follows the old, and the vast terrain is spaciously designed. The fairways and greens are also very difficult, making it one of the most popular tournament courses.

Completely renovated in October 2014, this golf course has 18 holes laid out in a spacious hilly area, giving it the feel of a resort. The course is flat with few ups and downs, and the greens are well undulated, making it enjoyable even for beginners and intermediate players. The fairways are wide, there are few ponds, the rough is not deep and the greens are straight, making it easy to play and suitable for everyone. Accommodation facilities are also available, making it ideal for a leisurely round of golf.

It is built on a hill with a nice view, so you can play while looking at the wonderful scenery. There are many strategic holes in the layout, with a total of 27 holes, 9 holes each: mountain, lake, and ocean. It was designed by Dennis Griffiths, who also designed Thai Country. As the course was built to take advantage of the ups and downs of the hilly terrain, there are many strategic holes laid out. This is a varied golf course that can be enjoyed by all players.
The luxurious clubhouse features clean locker rooms, a restaurant serving Thai and Western cuisine, and a pro shop.

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